I was born in Nigeria in 1952 where my father was serving in the Colonial Service but brought back to England in 1959 by my parents when the colony achieved independence. Returned to the family hometown of Southampton before moving to Woolwich in London when my father rejoined the army. Finally moving back to Hampshire to the City of Portsmouth in the early 60’s where my parents had half share in a café with my uncle. We lived over the café and I fondly remember trying to sleep through the endless playing of early Beatles records on the jukebox interspersed with the clash and clang of the pinball machines. While my mother and I lived here my father was preparing to retire from the army. We moved across the Harbour to the peninsula town of Gosport when my father retired from the army sometime in 1964. My father had the pleasure of watching England beat the German team in the 1966 World Cup before suffering a massive coronary in the August of ’66.I was nearly 14 and watching my mother struggle in a succession of low paid, low status jobs had me vowing that I would never ever be in that position myself so 1971 saw me entering Teacher Training College  in Darlington, County Durham where I trained as a secondary teacher. Before this I had managed to meet my future husband who was travelling the world courtesy of the Royal Navy. We married after I finished my training. I’m presently living in Gosport with my husband and two children. I work as a supply teacher from time to time whilst pursuing my hobbies and interests.

Right that’s the boring bit over. Hopefully!