I love the work of Degas. For his subject matter he turned to that which interests me namely people going about their everyday lives doing normal everyday activities of working, bathing, eating and living. Even his seemingly exciting topics of ballet and horse racing are not so much about glamour or excitement but more about the mundane aspects of the lives of those engaged in the activity for their livelihood. Indeed so many of his subjects are caught at less than their best, displaying fatigue and depression and he portrays a view of his subjects that is not always presented by other artists. His usual medium, pastels is a favourite one of mine which I think gives his work liveliness as well as texture and seem to contribute to the element he was seeking to portray of movement. Of course an added factor is the bright fresh colours that pastels bring to his work. He is an excellent sketcher and again pastels lend themselves to being exploited in this way. 

 AT The Milliners

At the Races

Dance Foyer at the Opera

Race Horses Before Grandstand

Race Horses


Four Ballerinas Behind the Scenes

Woman Drying Her Foot

The Star

A Cotton Office in New Orleans

Jeantaud, Linet and Laine

The Dance Class

The Morning Bath

Woman Drying Her Hair

The Tub

Degas Drawing

Woman Bathing

The Milliners Shop