Art appreciation is subjective. The trouble is, for some reason that escapes me, we are expected to not only say what we like but give good reasoned arguments as to why we like a painting, sculpture or artefact. I intend to no such thing in my art appreciation   selection. Why should I? Itís like asking someone what food they like and then dismissing their liking because they have no reason beyond they do not like the taste. I adore chocolate but I would never get annoyed because some friend preferred toffee instead. It would be pointless. So I am just going to say what I like and I may not give a reason. After all many of us like a song because we associate it with a wonderful memory or person or because it comforted us when we were depressed, rather than for a critical acclaim. The same can be said for a work of art. I will however try to avoid saying which works of art I dislike because then I may well be required to give a reason and I do not really want to get into a heated debate about someone elseís particular liking. I could of course point out that I may associate it with someone or some period in my life I would rather forget and that it depressed me but the case is more likely to be that it evoked no real response in me.

 So to the artists that I like. There are the usual ones in my selection but there may be some that there are not so usual. They are in no particular order of merit or of history.


Pablo Picasso   Degas    Pre- Raphaelites  Van Gogh       Salvador Dali

Monet                    Still Life         Lawrence Alma-Tadema