Monet is probably one of the most popular of the Impressionists. Everyone is familiar with much of his work from his poppy fields to his water studies in particular his water lily paintings. Unlike Van Gogh he sold much of his work and died a wealthy man. He was a great influence on so many of his fellow artists and his paintings sell for vast fortunes. When you look at a Monet you should view it from a distance as this is the only way to see them at their best. Close examination will just cause the picture to disappear. On the  occasions I have been to a Monet exhibition I have been annoyed that so many of the visitors think it is necessary to get so close to each painting and to walk between me and the paintings. So sit back when accessing the images. Monet's real mastery lay with his ability to portray water scenes and he seemed to be able to display even the time of day with consummate skill. He frequently painted the same scene over and over managing to display this ability to show the alterations that occur with time and weather changes.

My Favourite Monet

Wild Poppies

What can I say? I am a sucker for red poppies especially when growing wild. It is a very rare sight in this day and age of modern agriculture. When ever I find such a field I am transfixed.


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