Pablo Picasso(1881-1973) is probably the most famous 20th century artist if not most famous of any age. He is not every students choice, as I know from the discussions I have had with pupils about him. However when I have pointed out that he had mastered his art by the time he was 15 and went on to live for a further seven decades that anyone with his intelligence and talent is going to find it very tedious to keep producing the same style of work for that length of time. I also point out that he achieved critical success and fortune very early in his life and that he was trying to keep boredom at bay. I point out that he treated those close to him very badly because first and foremost his greatest passion was Art. This has made sense to them and me. I confess that I love his early work but not all his later work elicits any response from me. However I was surprised to find just how much of his later work I do like, more than I can demonstrate here.