Vincent Van Gogh is the epitome of the passionate,intense,misunderstood artist. Someone who had to overcome ridicule and apathy to even produce work. Who despite lack of critical acclaim, continued to produce works that he could not even give away in his life time, that ironically years after his death sell for vast enormous sums that he could not have imagined in his lifetime. Sums that in fact seem obscene to many in this day and age and would have been fantastical to Gogh and his contemporaries. An artist so wracked by self doubt that he often fell into despair and severe depression and eventually suicide. Yet his paintings testify to a tremendous love of everything he saw. All his work jumps with light, life, texture and love. Who can not look at his paintings of Sunflowers and not want to smile. Through his work we can share his passion for life and art and light. I love so much of his work that the problem is not what to put in but what to leave out but unfortunately I will not have room for them all.



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